Groundswell: From the Editor

Sometimes there aren’t a whole lot of words. Just ranges of emotion, images and flashes. A grapevine in a whispered storm caused a groundswell and these wonderful Artists gathered.

The sanctified vocals of Lilli Lewis in our Femficatio Perspectives  and the poignant experiences of avant-garde jazz diva Linda Sharrock in Eric Zinman’s Confessions, both challenge and lend inspiration to this issue of Femficatio. Like the unrestrained passions of our featured poet Aldo Tambellini, all of our contributors graciously open the floodgates, allowing their music to flow with obvious intellect and improvisation.

I do believe we need always to celebrate, even in the worst of times. Because this is how we struggle and breathe life into what they destroy. I couldn’t be more overjoyed by the work, the groundswell beneath our feet.

A soul deep thanks to all in this issue for allowing us access to your finely honed expressions. And teaching your path… the way you came here with colour, spirit and sex.

In that country that is your inner muse, borders flame. There are tears. There is recognition. We are mirrors.