Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scenes (19) – (23) © Christopher Barnes

Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (19)

"N/T (597)" by Ricardo Ponce, 2002
“N/T (597)” by Ricardo Ponce, 2002

Roma Graves, lone wolf crank,
Quakes with overset gestures,
A tragedian out of her vintage.

Warning light inherits her stretch.
Camera 2 tracks back-slipping
Through a window. The soundbox lay-out
Amplifies to a mouth-foaming zoo –
I accessorize fidelity
To a blue-pencilled script.

Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (20)

A dejected haunt,
Quadrille-step dowagers, volatile shadows,
Whispers of inexhaustible midnights.

Shots alight on a screen –
False-front unity swizzled in Editing.
Whose gaze is being projected?
You’re hurtled
Run-back in time, tiding over
With symptomatic long-suffering
For blood-spilled credits.

Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk – Deleted Scene (21)

A whimsical segment of factors
Can on-trust be paraphrased
Into a light-trick…steam
In the pipe organ,
Play-against performance styles;
Camera 2’s pitches are moored.

Foreground. Midway, backdrop.
Bette Davis is more than a match
For a Rothman.
She crams a grip-sack –
A Bedlam lip-curl,
Unwieldy sustained
Through lunch.

Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (22)

"Crazy Life-Time" Annette Schmoelling, 2009
“Crazy Life-Time” Annette Schmoelling, 2009

In a newsreel rout, Frank Langella,
(As Ali Wrey), staggers,
Postured under flashbulbs. Delirious crowd,
Look-back of gawks.

Cut to…Roma Graves,
At-a-loose-end swagger
Skewing the boudoir.

Drawn breath off-screen.
A raise-the-alarm mutter.

We’re vantaging the script,
Hoodwinking the writer’s ego,
Cat-and-mousing Realism’s balancing act.

Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (23)

In the Theatre Profane
Inescapable revelations arise,
Head-on to Camera 7…

…An easy-temper hand
Twiddling follicles, bending singed hair –
Sammy lulling Bevan.

Gum-tree stairs crewless. Pan to…
A short-spurt log fire,
Close-up door,
Free spaced ferns in pots
And food-for-worms sprawling
Twisted on a crinkled bed.

Christopher BarnesChristopher Barnes is a gay poet from Newcastle. In 1998 he won the Northern Arts Writers Award. His collection, LOVEBITES was published in 2005 by Chanticleer Press.

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