Featured Poet: Aldo Tambellini “April 21, 1994”

April 21, 1994

sometimes a blind man
can feel the petals
of a black woman’s complexion
absorb the scent of her body
when the breeze follows the rhythm
as she walks on a crowded street noon
sometimes a silky white blouse
adorns with laces the fullness of her breast
in the rush hour of a train
sometimes she stands majestic
oblivious to the daily headlines
sometimes she is nature being there for all time
sometimes she is tired she wants to take her children
& just ride on & on into infinity
sometimes a blind man standing by a corner
sees that within the darkness of his eyes

Aldo TambelliniTambellini is an intermedia pioneer, painter, sculptor, and poet. He has over 1,000 pieces of art and countless poems and other writings.

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