I Believe Arethusa is My Mother © Malkia Charlee NoCry

I seek to flee from it
in what today is the purity of
few, perhaps none
I nymph temptress that
remains untouched
I save myself for what…

Arethusa to a Fountain
Arethusa to a Fountain

for who?

I have sought refuge with
those who may drink but
do not seem to dirty
these waters…

As spring I am so lonely
and sea washed ashore
has no kindness, no gentleness
Seared into the impregnable
Animalistic need of this Fountain
Of Youth

I look to my mother
Having nursed our Diana
She half-God immortal
‘freed’ me to this well alone
To trap me from those too thirsty
Seeking moist

I am held with groynes and gates
Barbarism and blood keeps me
I afraid to turn steam and rain down as
Human flesh, bound by the
Vampirism of virgin fluids

I look at my mother
I look at her mother and
Her mother and the wrinkles
That carved sweet canyons through
Skin where magic begets humanity

And I,
I am so envious of their ability to part
Gold for pure seas like music
Free as giddy birds before flight
Dancing feathers for young peacocks

And here I hide without sub
from the hiss of bubbling sewer
Hunted by shores so old…

And water

so septic

*Arethusa is a Greek nymph and chaste attendant to Artemis (the Roman Diana). While bathing in a stream she is pursued by Alpheios (a river God). She prays to her Goddess, who attempts to hide her in clouds, but Alpheios continues. Perspiring in fright, Arethusa becomes steam, thus Artemis breaks ground for her to become a stream… but Alpheios follows and is able to mingle with her waters (rape). This poem is my imagining of how Arethusa,  if she became a mother, would try to protect her daughter, who would also be a nymph… and how this nymph daughter would see her.

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