Femficātiō Perspectives: Helene Ruiz

helene ruiz

Helene Ruiz is speaking…

If we could actually “see” certain things…like emotion, etc…this is what it would look like through my eyes.”

1. How did your artistic journey begin?

i was told from my parents that i did not speak until i was 5 years old and they thought something was wrong with me…

i did, however, draw or act out what i wanted to say…

i kind of put it to the side while raising my kids as a single mom, but after a life changing transformation in a matter of seconds due to severe spinal injuries, i realized how much i needed it

(art , that is)

in my life and how important it was as a means of expressing myself…

i just went nuts…i have been told i am a bit fanatical with my need to paint, to create…

but it is what now makes me feel complete; and i realize it is a part of my life purpose and reason…

My journey has only just begun and i have so much more to do!

"War" by Helene Ruiz
“War” by Helene Ruiz

2.  Does your art construct or deconstruct?

i think that my artwork can both build up or tear down…

depending on the particular theme chosen…

i certainly am a bit of a revolutionist and that does show up in my work…

rights, justice and truth are very important to me.

"All American Carnivals" by Helene Ruiz
“All American Carnivals” by Helene Ruiz

3.  If the world was less violent would your art be different from what it is today?

Probably not,

because i believe there is no “world” that is fair and just,

nor is there any political outlook or government that does not use trickery and brainwashing tactics…

"The Cost Of Fitting In" by Helene Ruiz
“The Cost Of Fitting In” by Helene Ruiz

4.  What do you refuse to ignore?

The Lies,The Truth.

Right and Wrong…

"The Disconnection Process" by Helene Ruiz
“The Disconnection Process” by Helene Ruiz

5.  Why do you think you are an artist? 

It is in my veins…it is my heart, my soul my religion…

It is why i was,

will be

and am.

"While Visions of Watermelons Danced in Her Head" by Helene Ruiz
“While Visions of Watermelons Danced in Her Head” by Helene Ruiz

These pieces of work are from a variety of series, that form my personal ‘visual’ interpretation of society, rights, being a woman, poli’tricks’ and social media… Helene Ruiz

"Can't I Just Blame it On the Apple?" by Helene Ruiz
“Can’t I Just Blame it On the Apple?” by Helene Ruiz


Helene’s Art-form: Surrealism 
Place on the Globe:  Born & raised in New York City, New York, USA
Where you can find Helene’s Work: http://heleneruiz.redbubble.com


Femficātiō Perspectives is a dash of colour and culture from artists, musicians, writers, politicians and activists around the world. People who change the shape of things. 

If there is a “shaper” you would like to see featured in perspectives email info@femficatio.com.

3 thoughts on “Femficātiō Perspectives: Helene Ruiz

  1. I am touched by your paintings, Helene, more so because I have come to know the kind of soulful woman that you are. Your paintings speak emotion, a language for the soul that sees through the multilayered poli-tricks; un-tricking the mind that otherwise will fool itself. Tearing down the walls of corruption is clearly seen in your art which is original in your own true voice. I see it with clear eyes as each piece of your art work is re-building itself anew. I experience your work as an emotional visual release that is not only felt but that also gives a voice that unveils history and it sets apart from that which is “right” and that which is “wrong”.

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