“A scarlet Ibis’ burnin’ plea…” and “Nutopia” © by Nikita Parik

This poem is about the plight of women of colour (African, Indian, etc) from the point of view of a bird (The Scarlet Ibis). Just like the bird, some of them are enclosed within ‘bars of gold’ with big dreams in their eyes. They do not want to be spoon-fed and have their feathers ‘polished’: They want to be independent and ‘have them covered’ in the ‘sweaty dyes’ of hard work.

I hope when girls read this poem, they have the same awakening and they realize their importance in this patriarchal society of ours. Nikita Parik

“Goddess Kali” by Bishan Singh Rana

A scarlet Ibis’ burnin’ plea…

Enclosed within bars of gold, i glance at the young sun before me
~ with dream-filled eyes;
My polished feathers gleam scarlet in morning shame
~ for i would rather have them covered in sweaty dyes.

Now the youthful halo bedazzles the world with its blinding glory
And the winds all cry,
~good-bye, good bye….

O fiery god of the pagan world,
Bless me with the Fiery nib of Plath’s instrument of freedom
Bless me with a frenzied woman’s prowess, till i accomplish that
which i intend to, in a hundred thousand suns.

This poem is at once personal and universal. The ‘she’ in the poem can be any lady forced to create an imaginary world of her own to fulfill the void that she feels in her real life. Nikita Parik


From the world stage, to a place that never existed, to the blessed lone surface of the silver moon…
From the milky way, to the hollywood sets, to the house of the looney toons…
Her Utopia…
Delicately constructed in her years delicate, Her comfort zone, her safe haven.
Here she was (sometimes) a saviour, a warrior without an end,
Here she was everything that she wanted to be, but the shy introvert…
Ah! The pain of being…
It was, a vent to the emotions never expressed.
A mic to the words never said.
A stage, for the characters she wanted to be,
A LIFE, ‘cause she lived the moments she wanted to feel…
The place became dearer, from the world she retraced her steps…
Until it consumed her mind and she absorbed it deep within…

“A scarlet Ibis’ burnin’ plea…” and “Nutopia” © 2012 by Nikita Parik. Parik is a 20 year old poet from Calcutta, India. She is in her final year of English at the University of Calcutta and studies French under The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture.

3 thoughts on ““A scarlet Ibis’ burnin’ plea…” and “Nutopia” © by Nikita Parik

  1. Hey… My friend “THE POET.”… Finally your dream came true… Amazing composition…
    You are not only on FB and twitter but also on GOOGLE now 🙂
    Good wishes always 🙂 ❤

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