The Real Voter Fraud 2012 – a real quick heads up!

Pieces of Identity

Election Day is tomorrow in America, the day where popular ballots are held to select public officials. These ballots include national, state and local government candidates such as senators, governors, and State representatives. However, media hype of course, pays the most attention to the citizens going to the polls to vote for their chosen candidate for  president .  Personally, I have some difficulty with both candidates as they’re essentially the same across the spectrum of political issues – while at the same time taking most of the more critical issues off the agenda, like climate change and potential nuclear war.  Nonetheless, people are out to vote and it is their sacred, national right to do so.  Problem is, the long running voter suppression initiatives of the Jim Crow Era and Reconstruction Era are once again rearing their ugly heads – and this election year, they’re using various schemes (that…

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