The Monster’s Shock & Awe © by Askia Toure

The Monster’s Shock & Awe

Syrian conflict. Children running. Smoke clouds in the background from shelling. Photo: AP.

It is war that deeply blasts this
dismal world: the whirl of raucous
noise attacks, seismic shocks in
the middle of nightmare, fall-out
flack in murder’s ghastly gore; furies
riding whacked-out ogre-egos.
Hosts of demonic specifics, including
horrific robotics of doom, in the booming
In the mushroom blooming, skeletal
spectrums of eternal, nihilistic rage.

Askia M Touré is one of the co-architects of the Black Aesthetics Movement of the 1960s along with other notable poets such as Amiri Baraka, Jayne Cortez, Sonia Sanchez and Larry Neal. He has won numerous awards including the American Book Award in 1989.

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