15 Years of Innocence: DNA Evidence Saves a Death Row Inmate.

New post on Pieces of Identity. “15 years of Innocence: DNA Evidence Saves a Death Row Inmate”. Well written perspective from Editor at Large Ray L Martin.


Pieces of Identity

After the many questionable state executions that have taken place as of late, including the highly controversial Troy Davis execution in Georgia last year, it’s good to finally see one more person saved from capital punishment as a result of DNA evidence presented by The Innocence Project – even if it took 15 years to do it.  38 year old Damon A. Thibodeaux was convicted of raping and killing his 14 year old step-cousin, Crystal Champagne in 1997.  According to the Innocence Project, Thibodeaux confessed to the rape and the murder of Champagne after a nine hour interrogation.  He was sentenced to death.

This comes as a relief to me after the Troy Davis execution in Georgia.  Though the best case scenario would be to rid the US of capital punishment altogether, it’s heartening to see an organization dedicated to helping exonerate potentially innocent individuals from impending death.

With the…

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