The Dance of the Hymen ©

Female by Carlo Valtrain

We begin with arrest
Of copulation
And then our second river
Of fervid sanguine
A piece of fruit bitten
ingested like warm masturbation
She dances and laughs –

Hymen, the beginning, has

The search for your return
Or the appearance of your sister
Pleasure, who will replace girlhood
Naif and knowing
In favour of carnal stalking and

There is no return so we then choose

Sometimes it will be as we created
The universe in heat
And at times other than creation
It is void, the great nothingness
Like the farewell dance
The sudden clash
of death

Profile of a Woman, Earth Tones by Carlo Valtrain

Hymen you moved
No longer imprisoned within
The insecurity of wanting
I understand
But why do you mock us?
We were just girls then
…And you left us before we had the chance
to become

Copyright 2012 © Malkia Charlee NoCry, Philosophy Editor of Femficatio and published poet.

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