Editors Note: A Contemplation Around the Upcoming American Presidential Election

From Kamaria Muntu:

Somewhere there is a mature woman, her spirit has been since time began – she sits bare-breasted beneath the Moon… dreaming worlds for her children.

Regency, courtesy of MahoganyEssence.Wordpress.com

We no longer think.  We no longer imagine.  Television/Hollywood does that for us.  And in this artless abyss of things filtered through the lens of overly hyped media personality and celebrity; we then attempt vainly and somewhat blindly to make decisions affecting the life of the planet.

These times are most splendid and serious.  Serious because murder for peace is the prevailing ethos; cultural genocide the methodology employed to engender oneness.  Xenophobia, greed and savage molestation of the most vulnerable is the booty and bounty after endless killing seasons – goodie bags filled with souls, bones, blood and the lost hopes of the people, alongside the violently muted heartbeat of all things that desire to thrive, to grow healthily and unabated on Earth.

As we embark upon our humble vision here at Femficātiō, we are often asked  our opinions on the state of contemporary politics.  As you can note, we are a very small operation, therefore we try to touch base on what interests our readers and ourselves as well, always with art as our avatar – our way into things.

Yes, the upcoming American presidential election is a critical one, but in more senses than you may readily imagine, as Malkia Charlee NoCry’s engaging and conscientious commentary attests. In it’s neutrality it may appear that Femficātiō is attempting to persuade or dissuade, which is only truth in the way it relates to the spurring on of fastidious dialogue, innovative ways of thinking about what truly hangs in the balance.

We began this venture because we wanted to place “the idea” at the forefront of the conversation.  We wanted to make philosophy our mascot.  We are not saints, and admittedly I am as tempted as you to click on the latest gossip or turn to page 6 for the latest scandal.  Those kinds of stories tend to get the most attention, and the publications that carry them the most support and visibility.  Your support.  Amongst the more political types, there is the preferred barrage of horrible news, which as I have alluded to on other occasions, often reduces us to the redundancy of reactionary stances. Unfortunately, the horrible news is the teller of what is happening in our world today.  Most of the pop-gossip that is elevated to the stature of “culture” we can do without.

Femficātiō knows that tides flow in and go out, people will come, make their large or small marks and become the song that is memory.  But what remains are the thought processes, the rationales and affinities, the systems of belief that either transformed for the better or diminished the quality of existence.

What will remain are the algorithms by which we approached living, and this will be the physicalised evidence, the symbols, signs and axioms that will determine how the coming generations will handle things.  We don’t want to walk this walk all by our lonesome, so we invite you to fall in love with the idea, with critical examination and thinking, with the art that has elevated the most prosaic and mundane to divine expressions of what ordinary folk possess deep within.

We invite you to this understanding – to muse, really ponder over what is significant in life, and that tireless scrutiny requiring passion and sweat is of the highest expressions of love and care. We should never make decisions that involve life or death for the human without scrupulously enabling these processes.

Keep this in mind, no matter what side you come down on in this historic November 6th 2012 election, we would do well to heed the words of poet/writer Margie Shaheed:

“…Killing makes you insane,
This is not an overstatement,
a hyperbole to satisfy your palate
or incite imagination.
This Is absolute truth. killing makes
you insane.”

With Honest Breath,

Kamaria Muntu
The Femficātiō Editor

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