With You © by CC Arshagra

With You
C.C. Arshagra / (Full extended version)

“Sounds of Signs Trio” 2004 by Jazzamoart

Chorus: first word of chorus note:
(“Yet” verses 2,3,4,5,6,7,8) “And” verse 1)

(And / Yet) it’s how / You hear with you
And It’s how you here … / with you
And it’s how… / You hear with you
And It’s how / You here / With you

(Verse 1)
The sun is smilin‘ midnight;
the new moon’s got your back.
A Siren’s singing “Go home”;
and a pigeon takes a drink.

And the only job you find is one,

Eartha Kitt, 1927-2008

still chasing down your dreams.
And the War, they say “It’s over”
still Death’s lessons just begin

The old monies’ on fears faithful;
to at least / place or show
As the birds’ fly high when they see our arms
loading scriptures’ throat

So you close your eyes and think of love,
and let your rope’s end go
And what’s funny is fear’s hungry
as a watch that’s always broke. Chorus

And it’s winter in your marrow
While the desert burns your feat
Your address keeps getting messages
You are then told to delete

All as long as you combat with harm

“New Orleans Jazz” Giclee Print by Diane Millsap

To repeat lock-step’s mistakes
The disseminators will think for you
Just to pawn your human hope. Chorus

And what’s strange & same & twisted is
your trust’s power goes to thieves
Sad as a living punch line
knocks your laughter off its feet

While you learn the lies that hooked you
As historical bombs drop
So you throw away the maps you own
And kiss what’s left on earth. Chorus

There’s a rich man selling Wampum*
manufactured on the cheap.
So you read the Constitution
And then Chief Seattle’s Lament

And you buy an old-time fiddle
with at least one heart-string left
And you write a song and sing it wrong
Or as rusty as love gets. Chorus

Sure, the melody sounds lonely
And the harmonies bleed red
(Just) Like every one knows how to play
It’s ‘One’, you lose & ‘Two’, you pay

But in a Coney Island Fame of mind:
your amusement seems unique
As an inhumane corruption game
Is spinning round you’re obsolete. Chorus

There’s a torch-light in a copper hand;
the rest is buried in sum sand
round primal fears’ full circle
till the chessboard is your land

And the tides of washed up freedoms

Carmen McRae, 1920-1994

mute your self-enslaving sound
You can try to sacrifice the world …
till your DNA’s not yours. Chorus

And a Parliament once fell into
A dinosaur’s footprint
(Just) Like ‘Building 7’ still stands’ lying
like a ship that cannot sink. Chorus

Wherein we hide behind brains’ civilized
In denial’s primal twist
Where ‘Rape!’, and ‘Burn!’, and ‘Pillage!
Are the Business Schools’ intent. Chorus

So you hail a cab called Burning Light
Hey! “Do you need a ride on earth?”
And you get inside your next breath’s sigh
Just to find your human worth

And the ‘War’ they say “It’s over”
Still Death’s lessons just begin
Then the only job you find is one
still chasing down your dreams

Outro: instrumental chorus.

“With You” Copyright © by C.C. Arshagra

Song “With You”  will be produced with a live practice version recorded at jazz club / restaurant ‘Tools Bar and Grill’ in New Britain, Connecticut. USA with Alvin Benjamin Carter Jr. on drums and Orice Jenkins on keys. To follow, click here

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