How Light Falls © by Naomi Woddis

“How Light Falls” Photograph by Naomi Woddis

In between the spaces, more spaces.
How light falls here. But not here.
And how shadows have their own words
for things even time cannot explain –


Here it ends. Here it begins again.
Here it ends. And so on.


We can learn a lot from the language of light.
Photographs are always misleading,
that is why we love them.


What looks like an edge, a beginning, a story
is nothing more than a wish for something
that has passed.

We cannot hold on to much anyway.
I learnt this late on in the day.
What sounds like a shout could be a victory,
the yell of defeat, or nothing at all.


Light falls here, and here. Darkness, shadow.
Everything the air touches is right and true

“How Light Falls” Copyright © 2012 by Naomi Woddis

Naomi is a British writer, photographer and radio presenter. She has been Poet in Residence at Culpeper Community Garden, Islington, London, United Kingdom.

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