Jimmy’s Blues for James Baldwin ©

Jimmy’s Blues…

James Baldwin with the United Auto Workers Union President Walter Reuther and Civil Rights activist Bayard Rustin during the Selma to Montgomery march in Spring 1965. Photo by Stephen Somerstein, courtesy of the San Francisco Art Exchange

wafted high above
the tenement seas
into the porous shells
of our hidden stars
and knew the heights
of sun-flecked gulls
and knew the rocky canyons
of deep despair
Jimmy’s Blues
groaned in the stained agonies
of running horns
browning ivory ever-afters
with explosions of war-torn hoods
detonating silver piles
with raging stench of blue-note spit
Jimmy’s Blues whipped the Vatican
with phallus of lovecry
confessing hatred gone limp
reviving justice burn in groan
stripped the striped Eagle cloth

(when he was propositioned by a Nazi in drag wearing a thong)

Jimmy’s Blues pissed down from a Harlem-Dixie sky
blurring rainbows of patriot lexicon in Negro minds
and we were world, not country
and we jammed

© Kamaria Muntu
also published in the “phati’tude” literary journal. Other poems by Kamaria Muntu can be found in her latest collection “This Peace of Place”

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