May I Ask? ©

May I Ask?
By Malkia Charlee NoCry

A rhapsody of currency
No log of memories, it just
ebbs, bestows
endless worries, it just
flows, always temporary



Can I ask you what you’re seeing now?
And then next,
Can I ponder, what image has transfixed you
and has hidden itself in that eternal place,
That picture you paint?

It is incorrect to say anything is new
when it all is past…
As fleeting, as fleeting
as the silhouette of snowflakes
As grounding as thunder with no rain

But still,

May I ask you,
Do allow me to humbly beg the question…
What image has transfixed you
and hidden itself in the infinity of space
That you stop upon to gaze

When no one is looking

Monster, by Jasek Yerka

© Malkia Charlee NoCry
other poems found in her latest book “Emergence of the Lotus Flower”

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