Sonata for Morning ©

What is this gathering of pain
leaden against my heart’s wishes
leading to me to dust and weeping
swelling the arid air with tumours
bursting into malignant rain?

My solitude among so many (not like you)
cataracts in the eyes of sun
yet somewhere at dawn coloured markets come alive
in innocent survival rhythms (pure)
I dream of us hand in hand

How chiffon and flowing the robes of night
when your picture flashes
and liquid stars stain my restlessness

You horseman and wizard
arousing bouquets of perfumed forest
in rented rooms filled with passion psalms

Photography of Joan Petras




With this symphony of words
I collect the strings of feeling
that have fallen from your mouth and eyes (casually)


And arias sway in the sequined blue of promise
in the decision to love
once again I relent



© Kamaria Muntu
other poems found in her latest book “This Peace of Place”

2 thoughts on “Sonata for Morning ©

  1. this poem is delicious — i will have it tonight with red wine and port cheese tonight and perhaps again in the morning with raspberry scones and coffee flavored with hints of chicory

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