Women Can Have What they Want: Jenny Garrett and Female Breadwinners

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Articles like Slaughter’s “Why Women Can’t Have it All” and the Forbes rebuttal by Sonia Kapadia “Can Women Have it All?” have erupted throughout the internet with various arguments for the “Yes she can” and “No she can’t” have it all approach.  Totally negating the fact that 1 in 5 British women and 1 in 3 American women already have to figure out how to have it all – or their families will simply go under.

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Jenny Garrett, author of “Rocking Your Role: The ‘How To’ Guide to Success For Female Breadwinners” examines the psychological aspect of managing career and life as the sole financial earner.  And besides having great stats, the book talks about the day to day hardships of being a working woman and bringing home the veggies.  It’s an essential how-to guide in this current tumultuous global marketplace, where women play second-fiddle but are bearing more and more of the economic burden.

“Rocking Your Role: The ‘How To’ Guide to Success For Female Breadwinner” analyses the ways in which women are managing their households in relative isolation – juggling relationships, bosses, and the bill-collector without glory or praise. The stressed father and the dependent housewife trope has been presented in countless movies, books and even billboards – but we all know that to be an antiquated notion for today.

Jenny had a fantastic book launch in Kings Cross last week, and appeared on the Women’s Hour Monday (interview below).  She’s urging us all to Rock our Roles.

Be sure to purchase this book – both women and men can benefit.

BBC Radio 4‘s Women’s Hour: Risk-taking, looksism, women breadwinners

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