Reading Summer and Beyond – Perrenials

“African Juju Society”, Anju Walters

From Femficatio

“Magic”, Robert Kuhn

Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals, 1985

By Luisah Teish
Published by HarperCollins

Transforming book of healing and lore.  Jambalaya helps women put on the full armour of feminine magic!  High priestess, Luisah Teish weaves African and spiritual traditions into everyday life, with knowledge that is both intuitive and experiential – in addition to being well researched when it comes to the legends and customs surrounding her Lousiana roots.  The Goddess has been greatly misunderstood, and those who study and subscribe to indigenous spiritual practices, greatly maligned in mainstream society – in addition to being marginalised in the dominant feminist movement.

“African Juju Society”, Anju Walters

A movement that too often seeks equivocation with existing patriarchal paradigms.  Teish’s femine conjure calls for circles to halt the negativity of rapists, as well as a suggestion for feeding a woman and her children as ritual.  Here, there is intelligence, feminist sensibility and insistence on sisterhood, as she takes us through a partially autobiographical  journey.  Worth a re-read this summer, for those of us who are “moon marked and touched by sun.”

Oshun, Goddess of Love, Yoruba Pantheon, Nigeria, West Africa. *courtesy of spiritualjourneys

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