Open Letter in Response to “Death of a Holocaust Denier”

This letter to all Holocaust denier‘s commenting in response to my previous article “Death of a Holocaust Denier”.

To be clear on points before you read:

1. I am not a Zionist

2. I am pro-Palestinian

3. I believe the Nazi Genocide (the Holocaust) did occur, and anywhere between 7 and 17 million Jewish people, Roma people, ethnic minorities, Blacks, differently-abled, conscientious objectors, gays, transgendered and other persons were tortured, starved, displaced and killed. I believe this, because its history.

Open Letter

I will not disagree that the Holocaust has become a commercial industry, and that some have made that particular tragedy of more international paramount than other equally as devastating Holocausts.

“Imagine the wailing accusations of hypocrisy in the US, were Germany to build a national museum in Berlin to commemorate not Nazi genocide but US slavery or the extermination of the Native Indians.” Norman Finkelstein

But what disturbs me about our society’s humanity, is that we think its alright to “rank” death. If someone came in and shot three-quarters of your family, instead of your entire family, would you want them less punished? Would they be less vicious?

“My parents often wondered why I would grow so indignant at the falsification and exploitation of the Nazi genocide. The most obvious answer is that it has been used to justify criminal policies of the Israeli state and US support for these policies.” Norman Finkelstein

You can criticise the State of Israel without invalidating the Holocaust. I really deplore conversations about the number of people killed – its sick. I know they didn’t have photoshop back then – and if those bodies didn’t pertain to those mass killings and exterminations during the Nazi regime, I would like to hear a plausible explanation for all the Jewish people, Roma people, Bi-racial, Ethnic minorities, differently-abled, Black, gay, conscientious objectors and others killed. I would like someone to explain why 5,000 people were loaded onto the boat that was used to house the first movie version of the Titantic, dressed as Nazi’s, so forces could shoot into them killing nearly all of them?

I take Holocaust denial – separately – as any other form of racism, that is so often ignored.

“In a society saturated with The Holocaust, how else to justify yet more museums, books, curricula, films and programs than to conjure up the bogey of Holocaust denial?” Norman Finkelstein

It is no more interesting or horrendous – as I deplore all forms of racism. But do not fall victim of the Holocaust industry in your knee-jerk reaction to deny – because for every person citing the Genocide didn’t occur, spurs further finance to this Holocaust machine. Being a “victim” of systemic, violent genocide has almost become a privilege, as we see with the long delayed intervention into Rwanda and Somalia. If your genocide doesn’t hold strategic interest – it did not occur. This isn’t the victims of the Genocide’s fault – again, the two are separate entities.

“To protect their strategic asset, American Jewish elites ‘remembered’ The Holocaust.” Norman Finkelstein

No one cares about suffering anymore – everyone is wrought in political agendas. Even causes become more chic based on the figure head supporting them – as if people don’t have the good sense to see a picture of dead, starved and tortured bodies and truly declare – for all humans – never again.

Thank you all for your comments in advance.

M Charlee NoCry

*all quotes from Norman Finkelstein’s book “The Holocaust Industry”, 2000

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