Free Marissa Alexander and 10 Haikus

The Beautiful Marissa Alexander

The Beautiful, Innocent and 5′ 2″ Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for shooting a warning shot into the air after her husband threatened to beat her yet again, 9 days after she had given birth. The female Prosecutor, Angela Corey did not take into account Marissa Alexander’s history as a battered woman, nor the fact that the warning shot saved her life. The fact her battering husband was unharmed by her warning shot. The fact she had a court injunction against his violent and abusive behaviour. The fact she was trained to use a weapon, and the fact she had earned a concealed weapons permit, did not make a difference in the charge or sentencing. Ms Corey additionally ignored the most insulting and humiliating evidence, that Marissa’s husband admitted, in testimony, that he beat nearly all his “baby mama’s” including Marissa.

For ways you can help, go to: Justice For Marissa

10 haikus for Marissa Alexander


Love becomes thin day
The door closes behind her
Hunters lay in wait


Testicles alight
There is a bit in her mouth
Grandmothers spit soil


Her black body trapped
She inveighs against steel bars
A life spurred to slave


The babies cry out
A mother drum sheds her skin
A patchwork quilt fades


Taken like a thief
In defence of her own self
Night sticks bruise flowers


Injustice sniffs tar
Feeding cancer like dim pearls
Bankers break mink wind


Sun swallows valleys
People march their burning feet
Past haunts of braced dogs


Spring races winter
Houses open to fresh rain
Fight songs crystal squares


Morning will taste coal
Her fires will sear dead crows
Breasts will traverse mud


Trains cross white fault lines
Imports kisses of new lands
Freedom catches hold

Kamaria Muntu © 2012

Marissa Alexander Rally, 24th June International

Marissa Alexander Rally, 24th June International

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