Femficātiō Editors

Kamaria Muntu

Editor/Founder of Femficatio
Twitter: @CoalFemRev/@Femficatio
Categories: motherhood, womanhood, slave   rebellions, sexuality and identity, art and culture, news, trends, literature, politics, feminism, spirituality

Kamaria is a Black Feminist poet, playwright, visual artist, single mother and activist.  She has organised numerous conferences around human rights, the death penalty and women’s issues.  She has made an experimental Black feminist film “Les Morts” and is the founder of Coal Publishing along with Malkia Charlee NoCry.  She has read her poetry  throughout the US and UK.  Kamaria is interested in biodiversity, ecological aesthetics, motherhood, and literature.

Editor at Large

Raymond Martin

Malkia Charlee NoCry

Philosophy Editor
Twitter: @MalCharNocry/@CoalFemRev/@Femficatio
Categories: philosophy, criticism, and space

M Charlee is a feminist writer woman of colour with an MSc in Immunology.  She has studied medieval philosophy during her undergrad and is a feminist analytical philosopher (coining the term femficātiō).  She is co-founder of Coal Publishing with Kamaria Muntu.  She is interested in feminist philosophy, literary criticism and space:environment interactions.


Femficatio is always Hiring Volunteer Editors and Contributors!

Do you have a column you want to pitch?  Would you like to be a part of a global cyber-team of feminist bringing news, arts and events to Femficatio?  Are you in-between-work in need of references and a mission?  Then join Femficatio!

Look under the “Vacancies” tab!

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